elcome to the International Council For Clergy website. It is gratifying and elating to have you logged on to our website and we hereby do appreciate your interest in this warmth and ever-expanding Ecclesiastical Body across the length and breath of Ghana, Africa, Europe and into new territories in the world. The Mission of this Clergy Council is to incarnate the adage and principle that strength is enshrined and manifested in unity consonant with the Clergy Council’s motto of “THAT THEY MAY BE ONE” John 1:21. Warmth and perpetuity of predetermined performance destined for perpetual establishment is certain by this principle.

The Clergy Council is non-discriminatory, embracing Ministers, Ministries, Gospel Musicians, Church Leaders at all levels and from every Church tradition and that is, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Protestant, Pentecostal and or Charismatic. We are a very conservative movement and nonetheless opened to the progressive revelation, illumination of the Holy Spirit and Moves of God in every era.

The International Council For Clergy constitutes itself into a Prophetic Voice in the world and in particular in each Nation that the Clergy Council thrives to whip up the Nations of the world back unto the Ways of God by virtue of the Prophetic Role of the Church. For we believe in the Scripture injunction that stipulates that Righteousness exalts a Nation and Sin is a reproach to any people and that the Seat of Authority in any Nation is established in Righteousness by God and must therefore be maintained in order to retain and invoke His Blessings and Peace.

The Clergy Council believes that the Bible is the Word of God and that it is inerrant. We make the Bible the substratum for all positions in all areas of paramount moral issues of the day and as believers and advocates of Christians Networking together for the primary goal of aiding each Ministry and Minister to satisfactorily fulfil their respective Vision, Mission and Destiny. We believe and advocate the Sanctity of Life, the Sanctity of Marriage and the Family, Abhorring Divorce / Homosexuality / Lesbianism, and Acknowledging God in Public and Social Life Unashamedly.

The world is going online, so must your Ministry Church. Do not grow your Church and Ministry only in your Church Hall and Community, but let people see and feel your Ministry too by the power of the internet. Join this fast moving credible Council to promote your Ministry and Church.

We sincerely and warmly invite you to join our fold. Learn more about us in the ensuing pages of this site and hopefully have an amorous taste for our Ministry Philosophy and Collaboration. Applying online is possible and acceptable. Please find it appropriate to do so if the Lord is leading you to join with us.

Yours Chief Servant In The Vineyard Of The Lord Jesus.
The Most Rt. Rev. Dr. George Slezer Ofori-Atta.
The Presiding Archbishop.

The Most Rt. Rev. Dr. George Slezer Ofori-Atta, holds degrees in B.A. in Christian Ministries, B.A. Theology, M.A. Religion, Doctor in Ministry / Theological Studies., He is a Charismatic Minister and the Presiding Archbishop of the International Council For Clergy.

He is the Founder / President of the following:
Christian Theological College and Seminary
School of SpiritualAdvancement
Peculiar Peoples’ Chapel

He is a Life Member of Ixthus Church Council, Edmonton, London, a Prolific Writer, Researcher, International Conference and Radio Speaker, Senior Lecturer in various Seminaries and Bible Colleges and Curriculum Developer


his organization is a Clergy Council called the International Council For Clergy hereafter referred to as Council. The Council, ICC for short, is an Association of Ministers of God, Churches and Lay-Preachers. The Council had its name from her affiliate and mother body, the Council of Black Clergy in Locust, Philadelphia, U.S.A. This body was incorporated by the concern black Churches and Ministers to spread the gospel through Missions and to provide help for other black Churches and Ministers of God in their ministerial work.

The Council was established in Africa, Ghana through the effort and influence of His Eminence, My Lord, The Most Rt. Rev. Dr. George Slezer Ofori-Atta, the Presiding Archbishop of the Council World-wide. The Council was incorporated officially in Ghana by Act 179 under the companies code as an N.G.O. with a registration number G8078 to bring Ministers of God, Lay-Preachers, Gospel Musicians and Churches together and to operate as an Ecclesiastical non-profit Christian body through Ghana and beyond. Currently, we have Churches and Ministers who are affiliated with us in most parts of Ghana, and in West Africa, East Africa, United Kingdom and Holland.



As one fellowship in the many membered body of Christ, we seek to serve others by:



he Clergy Council as a believer and advocate in the principle of networking for a concerted effort geared towards the making of the Glory of the Lord  tangible in and positively impacting  the lives of people and the fortunes of  Nations, finds it prudent to likewise affiliate with very good International Ecclesiastical Bodies for reasons stated above. As an ever-expanding and progressive Ecclesiastical Body, we are presently affiliated with the following International Ecclesiastical Bodies. We hope to enter into affiliation status with others that are currently being seriously considered by the various Houses present in the Clergy Council.